Something I tried that worked

Written by Oluwatosin Valentina Akinniyi.

I often hear people say Life is beautiful! Try something new, don’t be afraid to fail, take a bold step today try something new, eat something you haven’t tried, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger e.t.c. LOL

I questioned every time I saw those quotes. What if I try and fail? Aren’t humans too bogged down by everyday stress and failures to be trying something new, especially in Lagos, Nigeria? LOL What if it kills you las las #commonsaying.

So, as the free-spirited woman that I am (eyesrollingsmiley), trying to find something new, I chose to find answers by myself. So here’s how I tried something new that worked out for me.

I have 5years+ of experience in customer support and enjoyed every bit of it. And on this journey, I became an Internal Customer Support manager at one of the best FMCG companies in Lagos.

However,  in 2020, COVID-19 visited us in Nigeria and things changed. So, I thought to myself what is that thing you can do from the comfort of your home, make money and make an impact. I mean, I’ve heard people try something they haven’t tried before, and it worked out for them.

So I prayed about it, researched, and found “DIGITAL MARKETING”. I put it up on my Whatsapp status, and wrote: “Please if you know anyone who is into this, kindly DM me, so I can have a chat”. 

He sent me a link to one of his online training sessions with some Youth Corps members, he invited his previous students too, and they shared some testimonies, what they were working on and what they had done with what they had learned. Right there and then I concluded this is the “New Oil Money” LOL.

My current boss, the CEO of Sparkfire Marketing, and I had previously worked together at a firm here in Lagos. I looked up to her then, she was so good at her job as the Head of Direct Marketing, and we often drove to and from work together, we would ‘gist’  about work, challenges, how to be better, and all. I knew I could look up to her.

So, I reached out to explain and ask for her advice that I would love to give Digital Marketing a try, told her what I know and that with my experience, I would love to try this. She asked me a few questions. Surprisingly, she offered me a spot as an intern in her firm (A start-up in the UK, I am still there now ) :), introduced me to some training online, new tools, amazing people on the team, and gave me the opportunity to work closely with some top professionals. 

Long story short, from then till now till it’s been a swift journey, and I have been enjoying every bit of it. 

Let me celebrate small wins:

  •  I  managed an Instagram account and built its followership from 0 to 371 followers (still building lol).
  • Designing artwork for clients (I mean someone with no knowledge of Canva design now designing regularly for a client) is still a work in progress though lol.
  • Content research.
  • Giving customer satisfaction 100% {Feedback from the client is 100% satisfaction} and now my 1st article yaaayy!!

There is no time like the present to try something you’ve never done before!

Oluwatosin Valentina Akinniyi

The bottom line? My advice is to try something new and take that bold step, it might be a career, a relationship, or something about your lifestyle. There is no time like the present to try something you’ve never done before! Don’t get me wrong it’s not all rosy, (I am still a work in progress) but know this and have peace LOL “Success takes time and effort” Do not be afraid to TRY.