Establishing Your Brand Voice

by Tierre Pride

Brand voice simplified

Your brand voice is the distinct personality that your brand takes on in its marketing communications. It is a combination of your brand values, tone, and positioning. Think of your brand as a person and your brand voice as the way that person expresses themselves!

Why is it important?

Establishing your brand voice is an integral part of refining your brand. Your brand voice is important because it is what gives the consumer an impression of your business. It is a manageable point of contact over which you have complete control!

How to establish your Brand Voice

To establish your brand voice, it is crucial that you consider your brand values, tone, and positioning, as these make up the backbone of your brand personality.


Your brand voice is what you say, and your tone is how you say it. Do an audit of your current voice – ask yourself: what impression does my content and messaging give to the consumer? You may wish to note what your brand personality currently is. From here you can begin the process of brainstorming the desired characteristics that you want to emulate in your brand voice.


When examining your brand values, you should review your initial mission statement. To further establish your brand voice, your brand values should be reflected in what you put out! This can also help to really authenticate and personalize your brand.


Reassess your brand positioning – Where are you positioned now and where do you wish to be? Does your brand voice agree with your brand positioning? Make sure that you have researched your target audience and market thoroughly and are positioning yourself accordingly. It is good to establish your buyer persona, and then envision how your brand personality would interact with them… your brand voice should resonate with your buyer persona!

All three of these aspects must be aligned to avoid confusing the consumer. When these components come together you will have a solid brand voice that is cohesive, consistent, continuous, and complimentary!